An Ode to the Bluebells by Paul Shortall

As I ambled along this meandering trail,I witnessed stemmmed flowers that looked so frail.

But the bells were ringing this very day,in Hunger Hills Woods where young hearts play

It's time again,new life that is spring,when the birds arrive in song and sing.

Lavish blankets of blue bells arise from the ground,no noise they make & resonates no sound.

Resembling bells and blue champagne flutes,exploitingsun rays the blue bells shoot.

Yes,spring has arrived but it's time draws short,which fills the blue bells with fear so fraught.

then the summer months arrive so fast,to make the blue bells return to their past.

Wearing coats of leaves trees shade out the sun,until the bluebells journey ends as it begun.

They revert to their bulbs to breed new life,to entice their young to rise against strife.

For next year is their target to welcome the spring, to bring joy to your eyes and make young hearts sing.